At Kingsmarque , we aim to deliver on our commitment and add value through Reliability, Integrity and Superior service.

Design and Samples

We can assist in the development ofinnovative packingboxes that can be designed uniquely for your products. Our design team is available to create packaging to help your products stand out in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

Our in-house design and production capabilities include the ability to create prototype samples for testing and approval. We are happy to offer material samples and carton samples to help you to make the correct packaging choice.

In addition to physical samples, we cancreate 3D simulations of your packagingso you can see what the box will look like with artwork when it is finished. This is a useful tool for those developing Point of Sale displays and shelf ready retail units, or confirming unit load and optimal palletization to reduce handling problems and loading damage.

National Transport and Distribution

We offer door-to-door service for B2B and B2C withsignificant scaleandnetwork flexibility. Due to the nature of our products, we offer specialised, bulk, heavy and oversized freight solutions. We use a combination of our own delivery vehicles & integrated national carriers to deliver goods as well as third party logistic solutions. Our cartons come to you flat packed and strapped, taking up minimal storage space.

Testing and Technical Facilities

Through our testing and technical facilities, we can reduce your spend by choosing the right box design and printing method for your products. Save time in your supply chain by optimising your box shape and construction and reduce damage by selecting theideal box for your business. We can analyse the performance of corrugated based packaging, including but not limited to:

  • Predictive top load strength
  • Board grade optimisation
  • Stress analysis
  • Progressive crush, bend and warp analysis

On Time and Peak Period Capacity

Our just-in-time methodology reduces ongoing storage needs and enables you to respond to peaks and dips in demand. Our integrated supply chain enables us to facilitatespeed-to-market manufacturing on demand, meeting the requirements  of on time and peak period loads.

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