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About Kingsmarque

About Kingsmarque

Innovative, Adaptable and Environmentally Friendly Solution Providers.

Kingsmarque corrugated packing material is made from recycled fiber and Kraft paper. Catering to the service industry since over three decades, we are adaptable and able to service every market segment and need.

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For nearly 3 decades, Kingsmarque has provided customers with the most innovative, protective and eye-catching packaging in the business. Even better, we've done it in a way that's increasingly sustainable. Now, our products are not only made with recycled materials, most are widely recyclable as well.

We might have started out as a humble corrugated box manufacturer, but Kingsmarque has come a long way. Today, we have a packaging solution for any problem - whether it's a light-weight container, a heavy-duty carton or a sophisticated photographic reproduction. If we don't already have a way to make exactly what you need, we'll find one.

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Our Experience

Some of the industries we work across are

  • Glass Industry
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Engineering Sector
  • Perishables (Fruit & Produce, Meat, Poultry, Sea food)
  • FMCG’s
  • Beverages & Dairy
  • Automobile Industry
Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us

One Stop Shop Solution for all your packaging requirements


Solutions designed around you


Unlocking and Implementing true value


We Think &
act for the long term


Every Step
of the Way



As part of Kingsmarque’s ongoing commitment to excellence,
We offer a variety of unique Products which position us as an end-to-end
‘one stop shop solution’

Niche Packaging

We offer custom-tailored and practically-proven solutions for FMCG, pharmaceutical and other consumer retail products !

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Few of the product we make but are not limited to.

  • All
  • Corrugated Boxes
  • Corrugated Liners, Trays & Partitions
  • Perishables (Fruit & Produce, Poultry, Meat, Seafood etc.)
  • Beverage & Dairy
  • FMCG
  • Electronics
  • General
  • Shelf Ready Packaging
  • Heavy Duty & Export Boxes
  • Labels, Stickers & Instruction Leaflets
  • Mono Cartons

Regular Slotted Box

Single Wall Corrugated Box

Double Wall Corrugated Box

Single & Multicolor

1 Piece Lids



Corrugated Liners


Trays with Inserts

Bags In Box

HSC Inners & Outers

Produce Tray

Produce Tray Type 2

Produce Tray Type 3

Self Lock

Wrap Arounds

Carry Basket

Multi Packs

Beverage Box

Beverage Box Type 2

Beverage Box Type 3

Corrugated Flask

Regular Slotted Box

Single Wall Corrugated Boxes

Double Wall Corrugated Boxes

Straight Tuck carton

Wrap Around

Standard Rectangular Sleeves

Pizza Box

Electronics Packaging

Regular Slotted Box

Bulk Bins

Bins & Lids

Archive Boxes

Single Wall Corrugated Boxes

Double Wall Corrugated Boxes

Regular Carton Style

Hand erect trays

2 Way Display Carton

Back Display Carton

Regular Carton Style Stackable

Regular Carton Style Type 2

Regular Carton Style Type 3

Tray Stackable

Tray Stackable Type 2

Double wall Corrugated boxes

Pallet Box with Lid

Pallet Box With Flaps

Pallet Box Open Top

Pallet Box type 4

Corrugated sheets type 1

Corrugated sheets type 2

Corrugated sheets type 3

Corrugated Pallets

Pallet Tray With Lid

Wrap Arounds



Insert Leaflets

Pharmaceutical Mono Cartons

Mono Cartons

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